Ethereum の ÐApp の技術的説明

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Ethereum の ÐApp に関する技術的なことをまとめていきます。
PoC 5 に基いています。


  • Etherumとは何か?の基本的な理解
  • 基本的なインターネットやプログラミング技術の知識 (P2P, UDP)
  • 暗号通貨の技術的知識 (Blockchain, Mastercoin)

Ethereum の ÐApp とは何か?

Decentralized Application つまり、P2Pな非中央的なアプリケーションです。


  • Web 3.0
  • Mist (Ethereum Brower) (eth://)
  • ÐApp
  • Wisper (Messaging: UDP)
  • Swarm (P2P Net/FileStore)

ÐApp の技術構成


  • HTML
  • CSS


  • QML
  • Javascript

Ethereum Browser

Ethereum browser · BitVote/ Wiki

PoC 5 JavaScript API

  • Qt(QML)
  • 非同期

Ethereum API

Ethereum APIは、ethオブジェクトを通して有効。

* getBlock (number or string) Retrieves a block by either the address or the number. If supplied with a string it will assume address, number otherwise.
* transact (sec, recipient, value, gas, gas price, data) Creates a new transaction using your current key.
* create (sec, value, gas, gas price, init, body) Creates a new contract using your current key.
getKey (none) Retrieves your current key in hex format.
* getStorageAt (object address, storage address) Retrieves the storage address of the given object.
* getBalanceAt (object address) Retrieves the balance at the current address
* watch (string [, string]) Watches for changes on a specific address’ state object such as state root * changes or value changes.
* disconnect (string [, string]) Disconnects from a * previous watched address.
* secretToAddress (seckey) Retrieves the address of the specified secret key.
* getPeerCount() Returns the number of connected peers.
* getIsMining() Returns whether or not the current node is mining.
* getIsListening() Returns whether or not the current node is listening for connections.
* getCoinBase() Returns the current coinbase address.
* GetTxCountAt() Returns the transaction nonce of the current key.



on (event) Subscribe to event which will be called whenever an event of type is received.
off (event) Unsubscribe to the given event
trigger (event, data) Trigger event of type with the given data. note: This function does not take a callback function.

PoC 5 JavaScript API · ethereum/go-ethereum Wiki



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