ビットコイン replace-by-fee とは

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2014/02/13 v0.10.0rc4の時の話



  • 現在、ノードは、最初のトランザクションを受け入れる
  • それ以降のトランザクションは拒否
  • Replace-by-fee 以降は、より高い手数料のトランザクションを受け入れる
  • 全ての変更するトランザクションの合計よりフィーが高い時のにリプレースされる
  • 2015年5月現在、Peter Todd氏が0.10.1へのプルリクエストがあるという段階で、プルリクエストを送ったり、マージされたりはしていません。



What's replace-by-fee?

Currently most Bitcoin nodes accept the first transaction they see
spending an output to the mempool; all later transactions are rejected.
Replace-by-fee changes this behavior to accept the transaction paying
the highest fee, both absolutely, and in terms of fee-per-KB. Replaced
children are also considered - a chain of transactions is only replaced
if the replacement has a higher fee than the sum of all replaced

Doing this aligns standard node behavior with miner incentives: earn the
most amount of money per block. It also makes for a more efficient
transaction fee marketplace, as transactions that are "stuck" due to bad
fee estimates can be "unstuck" by double-spending them with higher
paying versions of themselves. With scorched-earth techniques⁵ it gives
a path to making zeroconf transactions economically secure by relying on
economic incentives, rather than "honesty" and alturism, in the same way
Bitcoin mining itself relies on incentives rather than "honesty" and

Finally for miners adopting replace-by-fee avoids the development of an
ecosystem that relies heavily on large miners punishing smaller ones for
misbehavior, as seen in Harding's proposal⁶ that miners collectively 51%
attack miners who include doublespends in their blocks - an unavoidable
consequence of imperfect p2p networking in a decentralized system - or
even Hearn's proposal⁷ that a majority of miners be able to vote to
confiscate the earnings of the minority and redistribute them at will.

Mike Hearn氏の意見


Replace by fee — Medium

以下の人達もMikeの意見に賛成している(= RBFに反対)

Repeating past statements, it is acknowledged that Peter’s scorched
earth replace-by-fee proposal is aptly named, and would be widely
anti-social on the current network
— Jeff Garzik
Coinbase fully agrees with Mike Hearn. RBF is irrational and harmful to Bitcoin. — Charlie Lee, engineering manager at Coinbase
Replace-by-fee is a bad idea. — Gavin Andresen
I agree with Mike & Jeff. Blowing up 0-confirm transactions is vandalism.
— Adam Back (a founder of Blockstream)



Peter Todd 氏によるreplace-by-fee テスト・ツール

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