Augur: Truthcoin White Paper Memo (WIP)

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Just memo for Truthcoin Whitepaper

Work in Progress…


  • VoteCoin = Reputation
  • CachCoin = Ether? Bitcoin?

  • Expectation of maximum of 10,000 addresses

    • Computational work limit?: 10,000 users, 100 Decisions
  • Scaled (Scalar) Decisions


  • Vote on the Yes/No/Scalar/Unknown


two types of Decisiton

  • Binary (Boolean)
  • Scaled (Scalar)


  • Active
  • Matured
  • Disputed
  • Resolved
  • Trading
  • Disputed
  • Audited
  • Resolved



A set of the current Voting Period’s matured Decisions. For this set of Decisions, each Voter must cast a Vote with his report/opinion on the resolved value. Notice that Ballots are defined by the maturation time of their Decisions, not by their organization or use within Markets (and, crucial to the core design, Ballots contain the Decisions of many different Markets).


  • LMSR: Logarithmic Market Scoring Rules
    • for permanent market liquidity
  • SVD: singular value decomposition
  • PCA: principal components analysis
  • RBCR: Reputation Based Coin Redistribution
  • SIB: Fast “Sequential Intra-Block” Trading

Article IV. Implementation Details

  • (a) Basic Aspects
  • (b) New Issues
    • (i) Computational work for SVD
    • (ii) Market Maker – Transaction Speed
    • ?? The Double-Spend ‘Problem’ Within-Blockchain
    • (v) Allow exchange information to privatize centrally, in a sort of ‘brokerage firm’.
    • (vi) Preventing Active Coordination Amang Voters
    • (vii) Floating Point Math / Decimal Precision
    • (viii) Initial Allocation of Coins
    • (ix) Veta Amplification
    • (x) Intelligent Decision Fees
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