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Linux FoundationのHyperledgerプロジェクトやIBM Open Blockchainなどで利用される「チェーンコード(Chaincode)」という言葉の意味




Chaincode is an application-level code (a.k.a. smart contract) stored on the ledger as a part of a transaction. Chaincode runs transactions that may modify the world state.

fabric/ at master · hyperledger/fabric


Chaincode is a decentralized transactional program, running on the validating nodes, and uses Docker to host the chaincode without relying on any particular virtual machine or computer language.

Blockchain logic, often referred to as “smart contracts,” are self-executing agreements between parties that have all relevant covenants spelled out in code, are settled automatically, and can be dependent upon future signatures or trigger events. In the Hyperledger project, we call this “chaincode” to help establish clarity between blockchain logic and the human-written contracts

Hyperledger’s Evolving Blockchain Fabric, Merging Blockstream, DAH, IBM Code |


  • blockchain, ブロックチェーン
  • chaincode: チェーンコード、チェインコード
  • Hyperledgerプロジェクト
  • fabric: ファブリック
  • IBM Open Blockchain: オープンブロックチェーン
  • Blockstream: ブロックストリーム
  • DAH: Digital Assets Holdings
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